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Garden Machinery

Choosing your Garden Machinery from Farm Supplies, Dorking

If you require any help in selecting the right piece of garden equipment, please call in to our Ansell Road premises for some friendly helpful advice.  We offer a good selection of Hayter, Mountfield, and Stihl machinery to choose from.

Tis worth checking the fuel of your machines, for fuel that is going stale can often lead to problems starting your machine next time when you really need it.  As a guide; unleaded fuel “goes off” after 5 to 6 months, whilst mix-it-yourself 2-stroke fuel only lasts 3 months. The Ethanol in petrol attracts water out of the atmosphere and this together with old fuel clogging Carburettors leads to general unhappiness and grim expense.


We always advise our customers to take the time to read the instructions before using any piece of garden machinery to ensure your safety and to get the best out of your equipment.

If chosen correctly and well maintained it will save you time and effort, so please explain your needs so that we can help guide you to choose the right machine for the task in hand.

Choice of Power Source